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Business manager admission


Permanent Contract

Railway expertise is at the heart of MASTERIS' DNA, which positions itself as the specialist in railway maintenance and engineering.

Created in 2009, MASTERIS is a subsidiary of the SNCF group. Its mission is to improve the performance of rolling stock by offering customized services to its customers, whether they are based in France or abroad.

Able to work on all types of railway equipment and with state-of-the-art engineering, MASTERIS is defined around three key values: agility, mastery and commitment.

More than 180 customers trust us.

MASTERIS in a few figures :

- A strong international presence: Germany, Benelux and the United Kingdom.

- 6 branches: Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, Tours, Rennes, Le Mans.

- 160 employees.

🚩 Main activities of the position

Your project as a Business Manager Admission M/F :



- Putting together the security files

- Obtaining authorizations for the release of materials to customers.

- Implement and manage the authorization process for each project concerned.

- Prospecting alongside the sales team (in pre-sales).



- Follow up on ongoing business (quality, cost, deadlines).

- Putting together offers.

- To accompany the projects on the Authorization part.

- Manage the project management (studies, tests and Indus if necessary)

- To be the client's privileged interlocutor with the authorities as well as the evaluators (independent certifiers).


Primary Duties:

- Make a list with the main tasks envisaged.

- Carry out the preliminary study with a costing of the mission

- Facilitate the authorization process

- Create, manage and update the authorization schedule

- Write and validate the specifications for the evaluation organization's services

- Initialize the tender

- Identify the independent organization and establish the contract

- Write a Safety Management Plan

- Develop the presentation package for the SLA

- Identify the notified national technical rules and specific European and national regulations

- Create and maintain "clause by clause" compliance matrices to NNTRs and STIs

- Consolidate ranking for Significance & Interoperability

- Specify the requirements to be met by the studies; standards, regulations

- To manage the Smoke Fire file

- Implement the MSC method and obtain the As-Bo evaluation report

- List and process exported constraints related to design, maintenance and operation

- To constitute the Technical file of authorization (DA, DJS, DTS, DDA...)

- Identify the evidence of EC conformity to assess compliance

- Manage and ensure the processing of dossiers by the De-Bo No-Bo evaluation bodies and by the authorities (ERA, ANS, STRMTG)

- Obtaining CE certificates from No-Bo

- Obtain the certificate of compliance (verification certificate) with national regulations

- Obtaining authorization for the release of modified materials (ERA, ANS)

Further information :

- location of the position: Lille


Profile sought:

Trade (know-how):

- Knowledge of the applicable regulatory frameworks.

- Knowledge of the different authorities (NSA, ERA, Evaluators).

- Knowledge of the general authorization process for a rail or urban system or sub-system.


Knowing -being :

- Rigorous

- Organized

- Flexible

- Listening

- Posed

- Good interpersonal skills


Foreign languages (and associated level) : Fluent English

You want to join a dynamic company on a human scale in which the sense of customer service is major.

You fit the profile?
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