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Railway works equipment

Railway works equipment

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Maintenance of urban rolling stock

Entity in charge of maintenance

The ECM is a regulatory obligation. Widely applied in Europe, this regulation has been applicable in France since 16 June 2020 for construction equipment with some particularities, especially for equipment approved before this date.

Masteris is ECM certified for all four functions in accordance with the new European regulation 2019/779 and can carry out all or part of these functions on behalf of its customers.




Since June 2020, MESEA, maintainer of the LGV SEA Tours-Bordeaux line,
has entrusted all ECE missions to Masteris for the management of
its entire fleet of machines:

- 2 tracklayers, 2 ZCA tamping machines and 1 stabiliser wagon.
- A 5 year full service ECE contract.

Modifications to railway works equipment

Masteris masters the complete modification process which includes functional specification, integration studies, industrialization and realization, procurement of supplies, as well as testing and commissioning, not to mention admission.

Our strengths

In-house design office

Documentation update

purchasing/logistics department

multipurpose response team

treatment of different countries

single point of contact

Railway safety equipment

The regulatory obligations that maintenance entails make the issues related to security equipment sensitive. Masteris supports its clients by offering a complete range of services for their security equipment projects.

Our strengths

Source of proposals


dedicated team

engineering of the sncf group


Multi-country troubleshooting

Hardware repair in a multi-country context

SNCF Réseau

TVM troubleshooting on DE18 SNCF Réseau


Investigations TVM 430 and Radio MESA 23 on BROOM MESEA

Admission of rolling stock to the National Rail Network

The Masteris Acceptance department department is the client's privileged interface with the authorities, evaluators, designers and testing teams in order to obtain all the evidence necessary for the admission process.   

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françois de labbey
Download the railway works equipment brochure