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of locomotives

of locomotives

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Maintenance of urban rolling stock

Optimize the availability of your fleet

As a major player in the locomotive maintenance market, Masteris offers a "full service" solution, a reliable and flexible turnkey solution with a controlled budget defined for the long term.

Adaptive maintenance solutions

In order to best adapt to your needs, our teams and those of the SNCF technical centres offer you the following solutions/services:

-Integration of the maintenance plan
-Organisation, planning and supervision of maintenance operations
-Repair, supply and distribution of spare parts and consumables
-Execution of maintenance operations, mainly in our workshops
-Development of maintenance (Maintenance Engineering)

Optimize the availability of your fleet

Adaptive maintenance solutions

The Moissy-Cramayel logistics base ensures a daily circuit between the industrial sites where parts are repaired and the maintenance Technicentres for delivery of parts within 1 day of the order.
We have:

- Two level 3 reference sites
- Eight level 2 reference sites
- Four mobile teams.
- Reference workshops for heavy operations
- A strong network of workshops for more routine operations

A few figures

Parts delivered on D+1 of the order


Mobility interventions

Making your rolling stock more reliable

Masteris applies proven methodologies to improve the reliability of a fleet:

-Inventory and classification of faults/faults
-Calculation of reliability improvement potential
-Root cause analysis
-Acquisition of on-line measurements
-Determination and follow-up of action plans

Improve the reliability of your locomotives

Masteris enables its customers to maximize the performance of their rolling stock by offering 4 complementary fields of intervention:

technical diagnosis of maintenance

Determine all the ways to optimize the maintenance cycle

Optimization of the potential of organs or material

Adapt the steps, demodulate the maintenance work in line with the operation of the rolling stock and its performance

Optimization of maintenance cycles

Maximize the life expectancy of a given organ or material

Adaptation of maintenance schedules to operations

Adapting the scheduling of maintenance consistencies in line with our customers' usage constraints

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