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Railway Maintenance

Railway Maintenance

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Four main areas of maintenance and engineering activities

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Renovation and modernization of RAILWAYS

Giving a second life to your rolling stock


From simple repairs to complete refurbishments, MASTERIS excels in taking care of various types of rail vehicles: locomotives, TGVs, streetcars, metros, railcars, and much more. When it comes to rail maintenance, MASTERIS offers you a complete turnkey package: from dismantling vehicles or equipment for refurbishment to integrating new functions. Our commitment is based on our experience and expertise in the maintenance field.


MASTERIS extends the service life of your railway assets to ensure that you maintain or develop your operational performance without having to invest in new equipment. We modernize your equipment by integrating the latest technological advances and functionalities. We also offer you the option of replacing only the parts you need, while preserving your performance, safety and reliability objectives. Drawing on our experience in preventive and predictive maintenance, we can guide you towards the most appropriate choice for your rolling stock.

Customer vision

At MASTERIS, we make contractual commitments on costs and deadlines, eliminating any surprises thanks to our industrialization studies. When faced with the hazards of your projects, we act as a driving force, mobilizing all our resources to find solutions that perfectly match your operating constraints.

rennovation and modernization masteris




Installation of the TBL1+ system on the e300 high-speed trains

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guillaume dufossez

Operational maintenance In a few figures

SNCF Industrial Technicentres partners


Refurbished TGV trains


Modernised automatic metro trains


Ensuring the performance of equipment

Rigour and expertise

MASTERIS offers a "full service", it is a reliable and flexible turnkey solution with a controlled budget defined on the long term. In order to best adapt to your needs, our teams offer a wide range of services from the integration of the maintenance plan to the optimisation of the maintenance, including the supply chain of spare parts... We also offer one-off services on specific points such as safety tests or diagnostics and repair missions.

Optimum maintenance

You need to minimize rolling stock downtime and ensure optimum performance of trains and their equipment. Thanks to the corrective maintenance experience we've acquired on many different types of rolling stock, our mastery of the various ECE functions and our perfect understanding of operators' constraints, we can guarantee our customers the best conditions of comfort, reliability and safety for their fleet.

Tailor-made solutions

Your operating constraints are specific. We intervene for one-off or recurrent needs, for preventive or corrective maintenance operations. You benefit from tailor-made solutions that fit your requirements and your budget. In addition to our experience, ranging from urban rolling stock to high-speed trains, construction equipment and locomotives, we draw on our engineering teams and the latest technological innovations to improve the safety, reliability and availability of your rolling stock.

MASTERIS has been a key support in the start-up of Ouigo operations from 10 May 2021 and continues to support the operational performance of Ouigo with technical assistance and logistical support integrated in our maintenance solution.

Sergio Barcena

Planning and Maintenance Department OUIGO Spain


VSOE (Venice Simplon Oient Express)
Transdev Rouen
Keolis Bordeaux
Your contact:

guillaume dufossez

Operational maintenance In a few figures

Availability rate of rolling stock


Hotline 7 days a week, 24 hours a day


Integrated maintenance centres

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Railway Maintenance


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