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Supervision of NDT - Module 1: general theoretical training MT2 (MAMT2M1)

Technicentre Rouen Quatre-mares
Visual vertical lines.Framing for magnetic particle inspection of bogies


  • Principles and objectives of non-destructive testing
  • Basic physical phenomena
  • Magnetic properties of materials
  • Magnetization methods
  • Magnetizing devices and equipment
  • Indicator products
  • Observation, characterization, evaluation and classification of crack-related and other indications
  • Reconditioning parts after testing
  • Development: new technique(s), other...
  • Technology: steelmaking, manufacturing, material use (metallurgy, defectology)
  • Health and safety

Pedagogical objectives

  • Explain the principles and aims of non-destructive testing, based on theoretical principles
  • Use and identify railway terms and appropriate technical vocabulary
  • Cite, explain and apply basic physical principles
  • Identify the basic metallurgical phenomena that may or may not have an impact on the performance and results of magnetic particle NDT.

Benefits of this training

Our customer references

Personnel involved

Personnel wishing to obtain the MT2 CFCM qualification/certification in accordance with NF EN ISO 9712 with or without the additional axle maintenance certificate NF EN 16910-1


At least level 1 magnetic particle inspection training in accordance with NF EN ISO 9712, Have technical and technological knowledge in relation to NDT, on defects encountered in maintenance on metal parts (origin, characterization and consequences).

Course duration

4 days


Technicentre Rouen Quatre-mares

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Non-destructive testing

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