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Rail Logistics
& Railway Works Equipment

Rail Logistics
& Railway Works Equipment

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Rail Logistics & Railway Works Equipment

Masteris, your business partner


Management, engineering, planning and execution: these four main skills of the entity in charge of maintenance (ECM) are combined within MASTERIS and SNCF Matériel to ensure seamless maintenance.


For a preventive or corrective maintenance operation, for a punctual or recurrent need, for an engineering mission, for an intervention on diesel or electrical machines, on mechanical organs or safety equipment, MASTERIS proposes you a personalized offer, adapted to your operating conditions and to the size of your fleet. This is based on our own network of workshops and qualified partners in Europe, with the support of mobile teams that intervene on demand.


Our fleet technical supervision service (STF), in charge of scheduling your maintenance operations, is on call 24/7. We accompany you throughout your journey to offer you the most secure solution. And to guarantee your commitments, our hotlines support your drivers who are facing technical difficulties.

The MASTERIS sales team is attentive to the specific demands of its customers and tries to find solutions to solve them. A relationship and efficiency are provided in the main axle centers (Nevers and Tergnier)...

Pierre Benevent

Equipment Manager - ETF

Full service maintenance of a fleet of over 150 engines
Full Service maintenance of a fleet of 6 BB60000 (Diesel)
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François De labbey

Our raison d'être is to allow you, the railway company, to ensure your mission as a carrier, you, the construction company, to succeed in your work, you, the machine rental company, to enhance your assets. Choosing MASTERIS means choosing an integrated system, mastered over the entire chain of maintenance to secure the development of your business. Choosing MASTERIS is choosing the right gateway to the power of the SNCF group.

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