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Maintaining skills - NDT supervision - Magnetic particle inspection or penetrant examination level 2 (MAMCENDMR2)

Technicentre Rouen Quatre-mares
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  • Normative developments, vocabulary reminders and technical points of the method
  • A reminder of defects
  • Structural evolution and operation of the NDT environment (all information related to COFREND/CFCM/examination center)
  • Consideration of new NDT materials, equipment, accessories and products
  • Information and processing of new control techniques
  • Good NDT practices to be implemented in the absence of contractualized NDT Fs and during watches by N1 or N2 operators (MT or PT CFCM).

Pedagogical objectives

  • Explain the new COFREND questionnaires and reformulate answers for level 1 or 2 agents, based on theoretical principles.
  • Use magnetic particle or dye penetrant inspection equipment (devices, accessories) or products that are technically qualified or involved in a technical qualification process.
  • Use ACFM or eddy current testing, and support this development in railway maintenance
  • Explain and implement the gestures and trades in correlation with the application of the directive on Electromagnetic Fields (EMC: directive 2013/35/EU DU 26/06/13 entered into force in the French labor code on January 1, 2017 within SNCF Mobilités in production workshop (to be adapted for the Type 2 population).
  • Carry out magnetic particle or dye penetrant inspection directly without an existing instruction sheet, and put it into practice on the watch of a Level 2 operator.

Benefits of this training

Our customer references

Personnel involved

Agents certified and empowered MT2 or PT2 CFCM


Valid MT2 or PT2 CFCM certification

Course duration

1.5 days


Technicentre Rouen Quatre-mares

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