MASTERIS, a railway company subsidiary of SNCF Voyageurs specialising in rolling stock maintenance, was certified Great Place to Work on 11 February. The company is one of the 19 companies that won the award in February where "it's good to work". Employee well-being is a priority for this company, which employs more than 120 people and where people are at the heart of the strategy.

The certification process was launched in 2018 when, for the first time, MASTERIS employees answered the 59 questions in the questionnaire developed by Great Place to Work. The goal? To evaluate their quality of life at work and identify possible areas for improvement in a company where well-being at work is a real priority. Feedback that has made it possible to optimise managerial practices and implement several measures: introduction of 100% teleworking as part of employee protection measures, reinforced internal communication with the introduction of more frequent team meetings to inform employees about changes in the situation, sharing of open positions internally, support for mobility within the SNCF group, recognition of the efforts made and solidarity, expansion and modernisation of offices to optimise the working environment, etc. In 2021, 81% of those surveyed felt that "life is good at MASTERIS". A satisfaction for the company, which obtained a trust index of 74%, allowing it to be certified Great Place to Work for a period of one year.

"Collaborative experience is at the heart of our raison d'être. Through this questionnaire, we wanted to carry out an audit of our employees and define areas for improvement. We are convinced that in order to maintain a certain level of commitment from our employees, we must take their needs into account and do everything possible to ensure that they feel involved, evolve in good conditions (conviviality and adapted work environment) and that their work is recognized," says Remi Peltier, Managing Director of MASTERIS. "This certification reinforces our approach, which also aims to retain our talents and strengthen the attractiveness of our employer brand, at a time when we have strong recruitment needs to support our growth. »

A commitment that MASTERIS intends to keep for the long term.

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