Support on the admission of the automatic shutdown system

Masteris provided support for the validation of a new safety fixing support on the Citadis 302 trams in Valenciennes. This transport network has the particularity of having a single-track operating section that requires safe control of the tramway as it crosses. A KFS automatic stop safety device automatically engages an emergency brake (FU) if the trams pass a red controlled signal. Following several incidents encountered in operation since 2014, SIMOUV therefore called on the expertise of Masteris.

The three stages of the engineering mission :

Definition of the technical opinion for the design of a new substrate

  • Organisation of the contact between all suppliers and our technical specialists in order to obtain all technical documents related to the modification,
  • Definition of the technical opinion for a downstream instruction with the STRMTG.

Validation of the integration of the new security system

  • Analysis of all the technical documents from the suppliers to produce a technical advice file on the electrical and mechanical integration of the system modification,
  • Drawing up the electrical wiring diagrams for the system modification,
  • Verification of the installation of the new system on the 30 Citadis trains during the retrofit operation at the customer's premises.

Production of the safety file

  • Instruction of the validation of the new system with the Bureau Véritas,
  • Supervision of static and dynamic tests of modified trains with the new system at the customer's premises.

An engineering study involving several external and internal actors

Masteris responded to the high stakes of customer satisfaction in terms of quality, deadlines, safety and costs. Our added value in the operational management of multidisciplinary activities and the admission of the new security system to the security authority was a determining factor in the success of this project. The building of a close relationship with the city enabled us to respond effectively to the expectations of the client, who entrusted us with an additional service to support the maintenance of the 900,000 km of its Citadis trains.

(c) Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick, Line A of the Valenciennes tramway

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