A key issue: ensuring the availability of Citadis trains

Masteris accompanied Transdev Rouen in February of this year in a complex repair operation of its Citadis 402 tramway equipment.

A first enriching experience that allowed us to meet the following needs:
- To make the Citadis trains more reliable due to breakdowns linked to the on-board computer function,
- To provide experience in complex repair operations on Citadis type equipment,

Raise awareness of Transdev Rouen's teams in the first diagnostic operations in anticipation of an educational training course.

Collaborative work between the Transdev Rouen and SNCF Matériel teams

Within the framework of a complex repair operation, a remote meeting was organised in the preliminary stage, in order to define the precise level of intervention.
Masteris, with the teams of the SNCF Equipment Engineering Repair Support Unit and accompanied by the teams of Transdev Rouen, have committed themselves to a common objective:

- Analyze the input data on the problem encountered in order to learn about the computer network architecture of the Citadis train to be repaired,

- Gather the first clues of the problem encountered in order to define potential hypotheses of relevant failures.

This support took place in four stages with the mobilization of two qualified technicians on the resolution of complex breakdowns during two days:

1. A characterization of the problem encountered in the room with all the participants.

2. Presentation and provision of a set of tools to carry out the repair work on the rolling stock:
- A reflectometer to analyse the cables in real time.
- A cable analyser to check/characterise the cable in one measurement (wiring plan, length, impedance, insertion loss, etc.).

3. The method of accompaniment in the intervention of repair of the Citadis train n°837 in order to explain the modalities of our intervention on the methodology of repair and the use of the appropriate tools.

4. A restitution of the intervention of repair in room in order to consign in our report of intervention the following results:
- The potential hypotheses of breakdowns,
- The measurements carried out,
- The recommendations implemented to solve the encountered problem.

Pooling individual expertise for collective success

- The synchronisation of Transdev Rouen's operational teams and SNCF Material Engineering in the preliminary stage was decisive in the proper operational execution of the service (characterisation of the need and compliance with the expected requirements).
- The Masteris teams were able to put in place the human and material resources required for the service.



- Transdev Rouen's request enabled Masteris to offer this type of support for the first time.
- It was possible to reconcile the urgent request with the availability of the people involved.
- A first joint collaboration which enabled the Citadis 837 train to be successfully repaired in less than half a day!
- Transdev Rouen's teams, with the help of the Repair Support Centre, were able to solve other complex breakdowns on two other Citadis trains in Rouen.


Next steps:

Continue to develop with the customer based on the benefits of this service. An educational training session with SNCF equipment engineering will take place soon in order to continue the collaboration with the Transdev Rouen teams for a new anchoring on the repair methods.

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