Renewal of the Entity in Charge of Maintenance certification

MASTERIS, a subsidiary of the SNCF Group specialising in rolling stock maintenance, renewed its Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECE) compliance recognition in 2020. This European player in maintenance and railway engineering is enriching its own service offer and now offers its customers and prospects the opportunity to manage (ECE A) and develop (ECE B) the maintenance of all types of rolling stock, while managing the outsourced management (ECE C) and execution (ECE D) functions.

The certification obligation is part of the 4th railway package. This package is a set of legislative texts aimed at revitalising the rail sector, making it more competitive and more efficient by facilitating movement between countries in the territory. This obligation was extended to all rail vehicles in June 2020.

A regulatory framework for the safety of the European rail network

The notion of Entity in Charge of Maintenance is introduced by the 2004 security directive cited here: "Before being put into service or used on the network, each vehicle is assigned a maintenance entity". This regulatory system contributes to the creation of a single railway area while ensuring the safety of the European network. The entity ensures that vehicles are in good working order by setting up a maintenance system in accordance with the vehicle's maintenance logbook and the safety requirements in force.

This is based on 4 functions:

- ECE A: Supervise and coordinate maintenance functions and ensure that the vehicle is in a safe condition for the railway system.

- ECE B: Support the management of maintenance documentation, including configuration management, based on design and operating data as well as performance and feedback.

- ECE C: Manage the removal of vehicles for maintenance and their return to service after maintenance.

- ECE D: Ensuring the required maintenance of a vehicle or its component parts, and preparing the documents for return to service

In May 2019, MASTERIS had anticipated the implementation of this regulation, a further proof of its commitment to offer ever more comprehensive offers and optimized services to best meet the needs of its customers.

The company now has its own ECE A and B functions and manages the ECE C and D functions. This expands the company's scope of action and enables it to conquer new markets.

"To stand out in such a competitive industry, you always have to be one step ahead. Today we are proud to be able to offer a whole new range of services to our customers and prospects while relying on our parent company, SNCF MATERIEL. This recognition of compliance is a real guarantee of excellence that matches our ambitions, allowing us to truly establish our position as a benchmark", emphasises Rémy Peltier, Managing Director of MASTERIS.

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