MASTERIS in Florence: an Italian challenge

MASTERIS, committed to consolidating its international presence and collaborating with various players in the rolling stock sector, naturally responds to calls for tender in Europe and beyond.


A Unique Challenge in Italy: Between Dolce Vita and Tram Culture


Italy, renowned for its dolce vita, sunny climate and, above all, its rich tramway culture, offers MASTERIS a unique challenge. Expanding into this border country was no easy undertaking, with obstacles ranging from legal issues to unforeseen disruptions such as rockslides and floods. The teams in charge of the project had to demonstrate flexibility and resilience to make this challenge a success.


Prospecting started 10 years ago


The story begins almost 10 years ago, in 2015, when the Rennes technicentre and Cyrille Rame carried out a prospecting exercise aimed at overhauling the brake power units and calipers of potential new customers. Initially put on the back burner due to its early stage, the project regained momentum in 2022 when Italian customer RATP Dev Florence contacted us. They wanted to let us know that they had entered into a maintenance plan for their brake calipers and power units. MASTERIS wisely seized this opportunity to mark its first foray into Italian urban mobility.


Florence: Strategic gateway to the Italian market


Our ambition to enter the urban transport market in Italy, and in particular the tramway market, reflects our determination to penetrate a dynamic, fast-growing market. Florence was chosen as our entry point into the Italian market because of its strong dependence on tramways, in particular the "Sirio" model, which is widely used in Italy. By choosing Italy as a base for expansion, MASTERIS is positioning itself as a carrier of expertise in the transport sector, demonstrating that we know how to design and implement effective solutions. MASTERIS is capitalizing on its know-how to develop partnerships with major players such as RATP Dev, a major French account present in a multitude of countries. This collaboration not only consolidates our reputation, but also enables us to actively develop business by leveraging our partner's experience and visibility. By entering the Italian market, we are strengthening our competitive position on an international scale.


The "Sirio": a challenge combining novelty and similarity


Although this streetcar model is new to MASTERIS, it shares many similarities with the equipment on which the SNCF group is working. However, entering a new market remains a real challenge. A number of factors specific to each environment come into play. Operating characteristics such as frequency of use, geographical location, line profile and transport capacity all call for a well-considered approach to the design and execution of the maintenance contract.


A 2-year contract


- 17 trains concerned

- May 2026

After 900,000 km of operation, the operation includes the replacement of all worn parts in the brake power units and calipers, ensuring a further 400,000 km of operation. A contract makes it easier to identify new problems, and MASTERIS becomes a source of proposals on new subjects.


A Major Operational Challenge: Respecting Crossing Times


The contract includes a crossing time of around one month, representing a major operational challenge, given that transport is included in this timeframe. Meeting the crossing deadlines is of crucial importance, given the customer's specific organization schedule.


Committed stakeholders


Key stakeholders include Davy Bourguignon and Idriss Touahri for the commercial side and collaboration with Ti de Rennes, represented by Stéphane Gouriou.


Testimony of Idriss Touahri, Key Account Manager


This is a first step, and the success of this deal will be key to the development of the RATP key account in the Italian market. In the words of Lao Tzu, "A journey of 1000 km always begins with a single step".

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