Eurostar upgrades the signalling system of its 17 VELARO E320 trains

Eurostar International Limited "EIL" has acquired from Siemens Mobility GmbH 17 VELARO E320 high-speed trains for use in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Channel Tunnel and England.

In order to guarantee and sustain its operations in Europe, the ETCS (European Train Control System) for Eurostar trains will be updated to the Baseline 3 set of Specifications by 31/12/2023.


Collaboration with the SNCF Equipment Department and the Equipment Engineering Centre

Masteris, the SNCF Equipment Department and the Equipment Engineering Centre work together to fully meet the Eurostar customer's requirements. This service consists in particular in defining and establishing an effective strategy for demonstrating compliance with French national rules while taking into account the legacy of the V9.1 (TGV) so as not to repeat certain demonstrations that could be taken over.

As part of the BL3 project, Masteris is responsible for marketing and steering the operations carried out by the Equipment Department. The company will also provide Eurostar with the list of tests to be carried out once the upgrade of the system is completed and thus accompany it in its procedure for admission to the rail network.

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