An SNCF group collaboration: Masteris and the SNCF Technicentre in Nevers

On 26 April 2021, the Rouen-Normandie Metropolis launched an open public tender for the general overhaul of the bogies of 27 CITADIS 402 tramway trainsets after 600,000 kilometres. This is a maintenance plan operation in the life of this rolling stock.

Masteris, in synergy with the SNCF technical centre in Nevers, has a development strategy for the urban transport market.

Masteris, in industrial partnership with the SNCF technicentre in Rennes, has been involved until 2020 in the maintenance of the brakes of this client's equipment, which has thus been able to experience the quality of our technical services and our support.

For its part, the Nevers technicentre has solid experience as a maintainer: in seven years, in addition to the maintenance carried out on its own equipment, more than 450 arpeggiated bogies have been renovated in their workshops.

On 29 July last, the Rouen Normandy Metropolis therefore selected Masteris' bid. No negotiation was foreseen in this public procurement procedure. The bid submitted by the Masteris teams was the best, in line with the specifications and the client's needs.

A total of 112 bogies will be renovated, with a turnover of €3.4 million.

Masteris' added value: the integration of a GRB system on Citadis trains

The customer wanted to take advantage of the bogie renovation to integrate a new flange lubrication system (GRB). The aim is to limit friction between the bogie wheels and the infrastructure.
Our teams therefore approached a specialised partner to meet the needs of the Metropolis, which chose this option.

Masteris' Engineering Division is leading the studies for the integration of this new system on the Citadis 402 trains. The equipment will be assembled directly in the maintenance workshop of the Rouen Normandy Metropolis by the teams of the operator TCAR (Transdev group).

The project launch review was held on 16 September 2021. Following this, engineering studies for the integration (mechanical, electrical and intake) of the GRB system were launched, with prototyping underway in the first quarter of 2022. Series production will take place from August 2022 to May 2024.


Testimony of Cyrille Rame, Key Account Manager, Urban Rolling Stock Asset Maintenance at Masteris

We are continuing our work to build loyalty with Transdev Rouen and its metropolitan area after several support services: brakes, repairing trains on the customer's site, training their staff in repair methods. We are delighted to provide them with our expertise on the "arpeggio bogie" product. Our experience allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Thank you to the teams for their commitment!

The expertise of the Nevers SNCF Technicentre

Nevers Technicentre

Known for its extensive experience with over 450 arpeggiated bogies renovated, the Nevers Technicentre was the first industrial choice for this project. In addition to its expertise, the teams are able to challenge conventional maintenance criteria to propose new improvements combining quality, reliability and cost control.

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