Long-term support since 2011

MASTERIS, the specialist in railway maintenance and engineering, and the historical operator of the urban transport network of the European Metropolis of Lille, Ilevia (Keolis Lille Métropole), have formed a long-term partnership.

The service contract was initially launched in 2011 following a strategic partnership development within the SNCF group. The collective adventure began in 2008 between the teams of the SNCF's Material Engineering and Industrial Technicentre in Rennes, specializing in heritage railway maintenance of brakes, and the teams of Transpole (formerly Ilevia).

Creation of a specialized workshop

Determined to seek autonomy for the upkeep and maintenance of its hydraulic braking equipment, the SNCF has acquired a new industrial tool to serve the needs of its Keolis subsidiaries by investing €1.5M.

A new workshop was therefore created at the SNCF Industrial Technicentre in Rennes in 2010. The SNCF teams are supported in their skills development on this equipment by Keolis Lille Métropole within the framework of a 5-year partnership.

Keolis seminar in June 2015 to present our new industrial tool

A trust renewed twice, in 2018 and in 2022

Satisfied by the quality of the industrial and engineering services as well as the commercial relationship delivered by MASTERIS' teams, Keolis Lille Métropole decided to renew the contract for an additional two years in 2022.

The latter now continues until 2025, for an amount of approximately 1 M€.

A global expertise at the service of Keolis Lille

The decision to extend this strategic partnership with MASTERIS underlines the level of commitment and cooperation of the teams in the quality of service delivered to Keolis Lille Métropole.

The two partners have been able to capitalize on real know-how in railway maintenance and engineering for vital parts such as those that make up the hydraulic braking of automatic metro assets.

In particular, we have collectively implemented customized work in order to optimize the operator's asset maintenance.

The operator benefits from tailor-made solutions and optimization of the maintenance of its equipment as well as advanced technical expertise in the management of component obsolescence.

This translates into a compliance rate close to 100%.


General overhaul of a hydraulic brake caliper on the VAL 208 Old Generation automatic metro in Lille

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